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Soltana Nature Residences aim to bring the sense of nature into the city. Thus, they have committed to invest a lot of time and planning to build open spaces, parks and other features that make city living feel more like being in a tropical resort. Indeed, it is part of Taft Properties’ commitment to make resort living accessible to the residents of this condominium property.

For that reason, they have incorporated various facilities and amenities that will make this resort-themed residential condominium a reality. To start with, it is made with a few basic building features that will cater to the practical needs of the residents of this condominium. Every unit in this condominium complex consists of fire protection for the safety of the residents. This fire protection system is linked with a fire alarm system and smoke detectors. Meanwhile, the common areas are built with an automatic sprinkler system. There are also strobe lights available for use during emergency situations. Other safety features that will make the lives of the residents more convenient include fire hose cabinets, emergency lights, fire stairs, emergency exits, and 100% emergency backup power.

And speaking of safety and security, there are CCTV areas all throughout the condominium complex (mainly on common areas). The security personnel can therefore monitor any suspicious activities within the condominium to ensure the safety and protection of the residents.

The long list of modern amenities starts off with the landscaped atrium. This atrium is located on the ground floor, which is designed to be open to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the hallways of the buildings of this condominium complex. And speaking of hallways, this condominium has provided single-loaded corridors throughout the buildings. This design pattern facilities maximum air flow and sunlight to enter through the corridors. Hence, the developers are not kidding when they want to integrate natural features into the design of this condominium.

Soltana Nature Residences feature a commercial arcade at the ground floor. This is the ideal spot for the residents of this condominium to enjoy fun and convenience without the need to drive elsewhere. From the roof deck, you can also enjoy life at your own pace while enjoying the amazing views of the gardens and greens below. It is hard to believe that this view is located right at the heart of Mactan Island! Another great spot within this condominium is the orchard forest. This area of the community is all about being in commune with nature – it provides a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, right at the heart of it!

Aside from the roof deck, there are also sky gardens available for every single building of this condominium complex. It provides more opportunities for the residents of Soltana Nature Residences to enjoy the amazing views of Cebu and the water that surrounds it. Meanwhile, the buildings are spaced out by at least 20 meters in distance. This ensures that you can maximize the space around you and also enjoy the privacy you deserve.


  • Landscaped Atrium
  • Single-loaded Hallways
  • 20-meter Distance between Buildings
  • 100% Back-up Power
  • Strategically Located CCTVs
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool and Kiddie Pool
  • Fitness Gym
  • Children’s Playground
  • Jogging Lanes
  • Commercial Area
  • Sky Gardens
  • Themed Gardens
  • Orchard Forest
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For your other leisure needs, the following amenities at Soltana Nature Residences will make you feel like in a resort (and not home): swimming pool, infinity pool, clubhouse, themed gardens, jogging lanes, fitness gym, and children’s playground.

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